Why Anyone would need a Metro Atlanta Mobile Notary

It sounds pretty boring, right?  What the heck is a notary public anyway?  Well first things first.  According to one leading keyword research tool, there are around 50,000 searches on the terms, "notary near me" and "notarize near me" conducted monthly on average right here in Metro Atlanta, so the need for these services is obvious at some points in time.

Notaries are ministerial officials who hold a public office, a person of proven integrity appointed by the Georgia Superior Court Clerk's Cooperative Authority to serve as an impartial witness while taking acknowledgements, administering oaths, affirmations and other acts authorized by law.  While that reads as if notaries simply witness signatures, the reality is far more involved.


This notarial act serves as proof that a document was fully understood and willingly signed, allowing real estate documents, last wills and testaments, parental consent forms and other important papers to be recorded in the public records.  They're a big deal.


How many times have we heard that term recently, that someone had hundreds of eye-witness affidavits to serve as evidence that something occurred or didn't occur?  An affidavit is a written statement made by an affiant in the presence of a public official who asserts by affirmation or oath and signature that a document is truthful.  For instance, the leading social media platform in the United States recently asked me to sign an affidavit and have it notarized proving my identity because I advertise on their platform.  I guess driving to Northern Gwinnett County from their West Midtown Offices to card me themselves wasn't practical.  Oh well.  Done and done!

Other Notary Responsibilities

Notaries also make certified copies, witness signatures and these are important tasks for the end user.  They all are.  But the oaths and affirmation ceremonies around acknowledgements and affidavits, as complex as they are, still must be done properly before disinterested witnesses in order for some documents to be considered binding or otherwise enforceable.  Notaries, in fact, no one wants to be the reason why someone's final plans or a transaction fell short of expectations, so notarial acts should not be taken lightly.  We have to get this right every time.

I'll go deeper into the rolls of a notary public over time, so please be sure to follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn.  But for now, the takeaway here is that Metro Atlanta Notaries Public serve an important roll in our society with travelling ones offering convenience as an added value.  Granted, the local mailing and shipping store or your local bank will be a more affordable option.  But for those who need to sign from their office, home or healthcare facility, a Metro Atlanta Mobile Notary is likely nearby and ready to serve.

Please call Solomon Greene, Metro Atlanta Mobile Notary, at (770) 271-2156 when notary services are needed in Gwinnett County.


Solomon Greene is not an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia and may not give or accept fees for legal advice. Nothing here should be interpreted as legal advice nor guidance on document preparation.

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